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MONTALE Honey Aoud Eau De Perfum 3.4oz/ 100ml

MONTALE Honey Aoud Eau De Perfum 3.4oz/ 100ml

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Fragrance Name: Montale Honey Aoud

Description: This fragrance is an irresistible combination of sweet and earthy notes that come together to create a captivating scent. At the heart of the fragrance is a honeyed aroma, which is further enhanced by the addition of Patchouli leaves from Sumatra and delicate floral notes. Lively Cinnamon from Ceylan adds a spirited kick to the scent profile. The fragrance is enriched with the inclusion of precious Laotian Aoud, which adds a woody and resinous quality to the aroma. To further amplify the scent, Rich Amber and Leather notes are added, which contribute to the fragrance's depth and complexity. Finally, the fragrance is rounded off with the inclusion of greedy Vanilla Pods from Madagascar, which give rise to a warm and comforting aroma.


  • Honeyed heart
  • Patchouli leaves from Sumatra
  • Delicate floral notes
  • Lively Cinnamon from Ceylan
  • Laotian Aoud
  • Rich Amber
  • Leather notes
  • Greedy Vanilla Pods from Madagascar
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