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FREDERIC MALLE French Lover Perfume, 3.4oz.

FREDERIC MALLE French Lover Perfume, 3.4oz.

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Pierre Bourdon initially explored an "angelica theme" in developing this perfume, but through experimentation arrived at a different effect: a "vegetal animality." The final composition has the hallmarks of a classic masculine fragrance. It enhances and complements the natural scent of skin with a blend of patchouli, incense, oakmoss, and cedar. This smokey, woody base provides a foundation for vivid green notes of angelica, galbanum, and pimento. The overall effect is one of dramatic intensity, like a Wagner opera. The fragrance's name, Bois d'Orage ("thunder wood" in English), reflects this sense of power and passion, while also conveying the refined, effortless elegance of the wearer.

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes: pimiento; angelica; juniper
Base notes: patchouli; vetiver; frankincense

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